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Favourite All-Time Classics

Our Beauty team is constantly searching for the newest foundation, lip colour or skincare product at each new product launch.

This can also mean the products we once swear by are relinquished to the back of our vanity cupboards to make way for the next new thing.

So we think it’s high time we rekindled our relationship with these great makeup classics that have stood by us through thick and thin.

If you have yet to rub shoulders with these beauty icons, we suggest you do so pronto.

These products are such skincare classics they deserve their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

These classic foundations hold their weight in gold when it comes to providing a flawless coverage.

When it comes to luscious eyelashes and dazzling eyelids, these fail-proof mascaras, eye palette and gel liner have stood the test of time.

These beautiful lip products are still on everyone’s lips, and there are no signs of their popularity fading.

There is no walking away from a classic scent, and these timeless fragrances are to be treasured.

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