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Hosiery Buying Guide

From different deniers, finishes, to a variety of prints and patterns we are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying hosiery, so where do we begin? Check out our Hosiery Buying Guide to help make shopping a little easier.


Denier describes the thickness and coverage of hosiery.

A low denier value (between 8-15) provides a sheer, see-through like appearance, and shows more skin. A higher denier (50+) has a thicker, darker appearance and offers more coverage.

Sheer: 8 – 15 Denier

Medium: 20 – 40 Denier

Opaques: 50 – 200 Denier

Hosiery is available in different finishes, including matte and glossy.

Matte tights have no shine to them and are great for everyday wear. They are also a flattering option as they can give the illusion of a slimmer leg.

Add a touch of glamour to a special occasion look with a glossy tight which has a shiny finish.

From toeless options to wear with open toed shoes, to shaping hosiery that helps streamline your silhouette, look out for our range of functional tights.

Perfect for wearing with your boots, we love Voodoo’s Top Secret range which are cleverly designed with built-in fleece socks.

If you’re on your feet all day Ambra’s All Nighters range are a great choice. They feature invisible cushioning on the soles for comfort.

Whether you’re after classic black, subtle shimmer or a pattern, hosiery is a great way to dress up an outfit.

Make a fashion statement with Voodoo’s MUSE Legging range. Inspired by style-setters, MUSE covers all bases – from luxe layering pieces to on-trend mesh designs, no matter the occasion or season.

Light hosiery such as Columbine’s Sheer Hosiery is great for special occasions. The collection includes matte and shimmer finishes with sheer to waist detail, control, and comfort waists, as well as a selection of seasonal patterned tights.

For winter dresses and skirts, opt for heavier or textured hosiery, like our merino tights.


Caring for your Hosiery

  1. Remove jewellery before opening any packets.
  2. Moisturise your hands and legs, as this reduces the risk of snagging.
  3. Check if there is a front and a back.
  4. Rouch up the legs, right down to the toe line. Pull the tights evenly up both legs. A layer of moisturiser over your hosiery will make them snag free and stop static clinging.

We recommend you hand-wash your hosiery. However if you prefer to machine wash make sure you pop them into a mesh wash bag.



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